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Welcome to breathe - where the breath takes you into deeper states of well-being, awareness and expansion. The breath is the key to unlocking the greatness of the body and the mind. Controlled breathing calms, vitalises, heals, and enriches.



Ashtanga Vinyasa

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•  Yoga Therapy

•  Personal Training  (Movement, Breath, Mindfulness, Meditation, etc.)

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•  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

•  Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Shower






breathe is named after the essence of life. For a long time we had the desire to offer a dedicated space for well-being in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay. In 2010 that vision came to fruition. All practitioners at breathe are passionate about their chosen practices and are devoted to sharing these teachings with you. Come and join us at breathe and discover an oasis of calmness and relaxation - the perfect environment to attain and maintain health, balance, strength and flexibility of body, mind and spirit.