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Upcoming events

1 December, Saturdays, 12.30-1.30pm

Free Tai Chi intro classes with Ming

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2 December, Sunday, 3-5pm

The Yoga of Relaxation with Sophia

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6 December, Thursday, 7.45-8.45pm

Crystal Singing Bowls & “Koto-Dama” purification with Shu

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11 December

18 December, Tuesdays, 6-7.15pm

Restorative Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls with Archeus Plant Elixirs - Doris & Shu


Vibrational energies from the bowls vitalize you while you are relaxing into deep

restorative yoga poses. To go even deeper, Archeus elixirs will support you

in the restoring process.


Crystal Singing Bowls are unique instruments made of 99% pure quartz crystal.

The sound of the bowls can penetrate the physical body, reaching deeply to a

cellular level and causing them to re-balance by absorption and resonance.


These special classes are held weekly during December when our energies are

depleted due to the high stress levels we experience during the Christmas rush.

Take care of your well-being and revitalize your energy levels with these restoring

and nurturing classes.


All welcome. No yoga experience required. Are you in?

Cost per class $30

Please book with Doris:




3 - 8 January, Thursday - Tuesday, 6-7.30am

6-Day Yoga Challenge with Doris

Kick-start the New Year with a bang and join us again

Book and pay for this sweaty affair by Friday, 14 December the latest

Cost: $100 all six classes / $ 20 individual sessions