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Doris Blum

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Doris moved from Switzerland to New Zealand in 1995 and soon after began her Yoga journey. In 2007 she started studying Ayurveda medicine, the sister science of Yoga, which resulted in her graduation from Wellpark College in Auckland with a Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management in 2009. Since then Doris consults and advises clients on a regular basis.


In 2002 Doris enjoyed a three-month-long teacher training with Nicky Knoff in Cairns, where she was introduced to Nicky’s style of yoga, a mixture of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. Doris completed the training with a certification in Level I and Level II.


A few years later she was introduced to John & Lucy Scott’s Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and was instantly mesmerized by their teachings. Doris had practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga before, but under Lucy and John’s wings she started to understand the complexity and beauty of this practice and the importance of working from the heart. Since then Doris has worked with John & Lucy on a regular basis and due to their guidance her practice and her understanding of Yoga has deepened and changed. Doris has completed their teacher trainings I and II. Since 2009 she is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher with the International Yoga Alliance.


Additionally Doris has been fortunate to deepen her knowledge and experience by working and studying with many accredited International teachers (Yoga and Ayurveda).


To Doris Yoga is a way of living. It is about letting the heart rule. It is about connecting with all that is around us. Yoga to her is the path of self-realization, the magic of discovering who we really are.

The focus of her teachings is on synchronizing movement with breath, the uninterrupted and easy flow of the breath in each posture. Doris offers classes that include elements of postures, breath work, chanting, mantras, mudras, philosophy and meditation. She puts the emphasis on the spiritual side of Yoga and provides an oasis of security, love and sharing.




Urs Blum

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Urs was a late starter, at 48, and only came to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga because of the dedication and transformation he witnessed in Doris, who had been practising for many years.


He enjoys the synchronicity of slow breath and movement in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice; the combination of physicality, spirituality, and meditation; challenging and rewarding at the same time.


He started his yoga journey under the guidance of Doris. His main teacher is John Scott. Urs has been fortunate to deepen his knowledge and experience by working with Manju Jois, David Kiel, Jude Hynes, Swami Ji, Lucy Scott, Katie Lane, Ganesh Mohan, Swami Samnyasananda, Lino Miele, Swami Karuna Karma, Simon Borg-Olivier, Indra and A.G. Mohan, as well as Prem & Radha.


Urs has experienced first-hand the many benefits a regular practice has had on his stiff and injury riddled body; his busy mind; his well-being in general; as well as the positive changes it brought forth in his everyday life.


It is his desire to introduce students of any level to the finer details of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and to enable them to start experiencing the many benefits of this beautiful practice. He also helps long time practitioners with fine-tuning and adapting their practice and their breath to their unique body and mind.


In August 2018 Urs completed his 300 hours of studying Krishnamacharya Yoga Therapy with Ganesh Mohan, the son of Indra and A.G. Mohan. Since a few years Urs offers personalised One-on-One sessions involving postures (from soft to challenging), breath work, meditation, mindfulness, and lifestyle advice.



Radha Iveta

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Radha Iveta is a Bulgarian born certified Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher. In 2014 she completed her 500 hour teacher training course at the Hridaya community in Mexico where she had lived immersed in the yoga teachings for several years. Ever since, she has taught classes, courses, workshops, silent meditation retreats and yoga teacher trainings globally, yet mostly in her country of residence, New Zealand.


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Tara has been practicing yoga on and off over the last 25 years.  With a dance background, combined with a corporate career in adult education and training, and a strong interest in how people can live lives of ease, and freedom from the impact of stress, it seemed like a natural progression for Tara to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with International Yoga Alliance.


Trained by Markus Giess and Karin Sang of Yin Therapy, Tara specializes in two styles of yoga:


Gentle Yoga - suitable for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of yoga, without feeling stressed or anxious about a lack of flexibility, lack of experience, or concern about age or how they might look in their yoga gear!


Yin Yoga - a gentle, meditative practice consisting of long held stretches without muscle tension.

It focuses on the deeper tissues of the body - strengthening, stretching and stimulating to encourage more flexibility and freedom of movement while simultaneously releasing deep tension and relaxing the nervous system.  Yin yoga is comprised of seated or lying down postures and emphasizes work on the tendons, ligaments and fascia of the hips, legs and lower back.  This allows for a deep release of tension, improved circulation and greater flexibility.


As someone who has her own history of injury through dance and gym, serious illness as a consequence of work-related stress, and a strongly competitive streak (with herself!) Tara has learnt first-hand the merits of taking a softer, slower, and more gradual approach to yoga, and becoming more aware of, and responsive to, the messages the body sends.


Tara’s personal yoga practice, and her teaching style, are influenced by a particular quote of Eckhart Tolle’s


“The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system becomes. The body loves your attention. Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in the body. If the Master is not present in the house, all kinds of shady characters will take up residence there.”


Her classes are suitable for people new to yoga, as well as those with more experience who are keen to explore a gentler approach in longer held poses, with an emphasis on self-discovery and mindfulness of breath and body.

Deanna has enjoyed yoga in her life for many years. She has tried many styles, and comes from a predominately Ashtanga background. Doris is who she connects with as her teacher the most. Through many years of practice together and acting as a substitute teacher at breathe, Deanna came to realise that her love of yoga was something that she wanted to share with others. In 2017 Deanna completed her yoga teacher training in Bali with Les Leventhal in Vinyasa Flow.


Deanna is a mum, has a Design degree, is a fabric alchemist in the making and loves working with herbs, flowers and natural colours to create. Deanna loves sharing and connecting with yoga and the wider yogic community. Yoga to Deanna is the continuous journey of life and growth.




Deanna Mansell

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Discovering the tools of yoga and mindfulness has been life changing for Sophia. After many years of struggling with her physical and emotional health yoga showed Sophia what health and wellbeing really means. Integrating simple techniques into day to day life has step by step transformed her life in the most amazing ways – and led her to wanting to share those tools with others.


Sophia has studied different styles of yoga, yoga therapy and mindfulness with many wonderful teachers in over 1200 training hours. She has taught yoga in many different settings and for different clients including the Auckland University of Technology and their renowned Millennium Institute. In 2017 she spent a year at Anahata Yoga Retreat in Golden Bay, where she lived and breathed traditional yoga 24/7 as retreat coordinator and yoga teacher. Sophia also holds a Master’s degree in urban planning. From her previous career as a project manager working for councils and governments, she has experienced the impact of stress, high workload and high pressure on herself and others.


Stress seeming to be the number 1 cause for illness and unhappiness Sophia is passionate about helping people to remember how to truly relax body and mind. This meaning bringing the nervous system from over-stimulation (this ‘fight or flight’ state is switched on far too much for most of us) into a state of balance. Deep restoration of the nervous system is crucial for the body’s ability to self-heal, to stay healthy and also to live in a state of joy. Once accessed through the tools of yoga it can be entered easily in day to day life.


At Breathe Yoga Sophia offers “The Yoga of Relaxation” a monthly workshop, that includes restorative yoga and the guided relaxation tool Yoga Nidra. In some sessions accompanied by her partner, the Sound and Reiki Healer Nicholas Heke-Worrall, who provides the healing sound of crystal instruments.


Sophia also offers private yoga sessions where she uses her knowledge in yoga therapy and yoga psychology to find yoga, meditation, relaxation or breathing practices to suit the individual needs of her clients. The focus is on tools that are simple and realistically fit into busy schedules. Private sessions are suitable to assist any healing process as well as simply using yoga to improve quality of life and foster personal growth. Sophia has taught students of any age from children to the elderly. There is a form of yoga for everyone and everyone benefits from yoga.


Ming Lee

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Ming started Tai Chi in 1989 and continued to practise after moving to New Zealand from Taiwan in 1995. She promotes natural and holistic ways of pursuing and maintaining good mental and physical health. She has a deep background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a practitioner of acupuncture and herbalism and has also trained in nursing.


Ming’s Tai Chi classes aim to develop the movements and mindset that cultivates Qi, the internal life energy, to flow smoothly and powerfully through the body. With continual practice, the balance of Yin and Yang energy and harmony of the inner and outer self can be achieved. It is a low impact exercise with minimal stress on joints and muscles, so it is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.


From Ming’s experience, Tai Chi has helped improve her muscle control, flexibility, balance, and concentration. She hopes to share this form of exercise with the wider community to bring an alternative way of pursuing and maintaining mental and physical health.










Bri Ellingham

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Bri has studied Ashtanga and Hatha asana, classical yoga philosophy, Sanskrit chanting & meditation in South India and holds an RYT 200HR teacher certification.


Her passion for movement and the body started at age 5 as a ballet dancer and began spiritual practices age 17. Bri practices Ashtanga with Peter Sanson in Napier and travels to India every year to study at a traditional yoga Gurukula with Dr Vijaya Kumar to deepen her knowledge of the traditional Vedas and Shastra texts.










Michele Nysse

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Michele began her yoga journey around 25 years ago, when she discovered yoga helped her manage the demands of parenting young children, whilst helping her connect within her body and baby, during pregnancy.


Michele consistently attended Hatha yoga classes for over 10 years. When her teacher moved location, she was encouraged to begin her own yoga teacher journey.


In 2017 she completed her 200-level teacher training with Ashram Yoga, NZ. She has since been teaching gentle Hatha yoga classes.


Health and wellbeing have always been a big part of her life. It was this that drew her to study Naturopathy and Herbal medicine. She strongly believes that our body knows exactly how to heal itself. We just need to get quiet enough to listen. Yoga can be a most powerful healing tool to access that inner space to heal.


Michele teaches Pregnancy yoga classes at Breathe Yoga (see class description).  She completed her Prenatal yoga training in Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga, under the guidance of Dr Pooja Maddela of Integrated Mind-Body therapies.











Angeline Ramsay

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Angeline has been working in the area of manual therapy, providing integrative massage and body work to a broad range of clients, for 26years. Her strong interest in the spine, and how movement facilitates healing, has led her to train as a movement therapist.


Engaging in the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Training with Tom Myers, together with her training as a Dru* Yoga Teacher, has equipped her to work with a diverse client base to help them develop and deepen their awareness of the MindBody connection, increase their flexibility, strength and joint mobility, and use their breathing to enhance feelings of vitality, calm, and presence.


Angeline’s classes at Breathe focus on structural integration, working with the fascial lines in the body, releasing blocked energy and creating harmony and flow.


With almost 30 years’ experience working with clients in a health-related context, and a passion for assisting and facilitating healing and nourishment in people’s lives, Angeline brings a breadth and depth of knowledge into her classes and welcomes people of all levels of fitness and physical capacity.


The quote that inspires her as a teacher of yoga, and her work as a movement therapist is from Ram Dass:


                                     “We’re all just walking each other home”



Contact Angeline for more information and to book classes.




Olivia Nysse

027 372 8192



Olivia Nysse is an experienced (500-HRS) yoga practitioner, teaching Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga. She specializes in bringing Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements into her classes.


"My life and practice are inseparable. My practices continues to teach my life, and my life continues to inform my practice. I truly believe that yoga helps to become the person we aspire to be, growing, evolving and cultivating a quiet mind through a journey of self-realization."


Olivia has taught at many retreats and studios throughout Indonesia, Australia, India and New Zealand. She has studied different lineages of yoga at various schools in India, and has a multi-style approach to suit all levels of students. EVERY BODY is warmly welcomed, she loves sharing the practice of yoga with beginners to advance!


Olivias classes focus on inner and outer alignments, that help develop strength, flexibility and balance, physically, emotionally and mentally. She incorporates yogic philosophy, benefits of asana, pranayama, breathing techniques and meditation, and inspires students to bring these aspects from their yoga practice into their daily lives.


For more information please contact Olivia.